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Amazing opportunity to own a really unique, spacious and solid house.This property is made of Brick and has solid stone foundations.

It has a great 2,000m2 garden split into 3 sections and even has a mini forest on one side of the garden.

Herbal House - GBP 7,300

Herbal House

Situated on the corner of an asphalt road; it has easy access all year round and is nicely private with a double front gate, fruit trees and a wall surrounding the property. Once through that gate you are greeted with a lovely open garden, grapevines and best of all a balcony to sit and enjoy it all!

Heritage House - GBP 8,500

Heritage House
New features:

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Start your own organic farm in Bulgaria by buying your own home and land. We’ll help you find something that suits any budget and won’t require a mortgage. See here for details of property currently available.

Mark & Cara can be reached at

+359 892 735 977

Coming soon!

Expect some more detailed information and images about the people of Palamartsa, its forests, food, honey, gardens, lakes, dancing, scout hut, camping, bars, wine & rakia, and more!

No-dig gardening

Ever wanted to try this method hands on? It works, its easy, its better for your back and your vegetables will love it, more info next month.

Mark & Cara relaxing in the village

Palamartsa Lifestyle Blog

Walnut Tree House - GBP 12,250

Read more about Walnut Tree House

This wonderful house is situated just a one minute walk from the centre. It has great access all year round as it is just off an asphalt road. It has an indoor bathroom and kitchen so could be lived in immediately.


This house is in immaculate condition and has traditional double glazing throughout most of the house.

Starting a beautiful new life in Bulgaria…

Welcome to Palamartsa! This web site is dedicated to all those people who believe that there is more to life than the humdrum existence that most of the rest of the world are bound up in. We believe that happiness comes through doing the things that you enjoy, and that enjoying life deliberately and passionately brings joy and fulfilment  in so many different forms.


If you have ended up finding this web site we feel that you’re already on the right path! Have a look around and if we can help you in any way, or you believe you can help us in our aims, please  drop us an email.


What’s going on in Palamartsa right now….

Lots! Harvesting, preserving, NEW fast Internet connection, hunting season, fishing, brewing,

dancing & festivals, baby birds, new kiddies playground… More >>>


Our New Workshops

Build a MUD BRICK Building! Learn hands-on the materials and techniques needed to build ecologically with MUD, or create a NO DIG vegetable garden… More >>>





Our Featured Palamartsa Property

New Listings: Ideal for those wanting to start their own organic farms