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Your Obligations


a. Prepare yearly accounts

b. Pay yearly taxes

c. Close business bank account unless trading

d. Keep paperwork safe


Buying the house


1. Check current owners have paid all taxes owed on the house

2. Check the Notary / deeds are up to date and all owners wish to sell

3. Ensure the Skitser / plan & land size drawings are up to date and show regulations

4. Have a notary prepare the documents for your company to buy the house (he needs all documents)

5. Visit to the notary with the sellers and sign new Notary Act

6. Pay yearly taxes

7. Register the house into the municipality

8. Change electricity and water supply contracts into company name within 14 days


Use our local contacts who provide a swift and quick service for around £500 depending on exchange rate.


Contact us >>>

The Buying Process

Forming a Bulgarian Company


1. Decide on a Company name

2. Order your Company stamp

3. Visit the Notary in your preferred district and  agree to manage the company, provide proof of who you are and give a Signature sample

4. Open a Bulgarian Company Bank account

5. Have all notary and bank documents taken to the municipality for entrance into the trade register of companies


Your Company is formed - number and certificate are provided.

NB: A formally qualified translator must be present at the notary.