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Bountiful Paradise
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The Gardens of Palamartsa


Sustainability is the key to health, energy and long-life for the people of Palamartsa.  The centre of the home is the garden and it’s where people spend most of their time,  well, at least every time the sun is out; which is about 300 days per year.


For generations they have grown, harvested, bred, preserved and hunted for their food and you can still see it just the way it was 50 years ago, right here, right now.


These people are the true proof that growing your own food and raising your own animals keeps you out of the shops, healthy and truly alive.


Over the next season we will be looking closely at the self-sustainable rural Bulgarian garden, seeing what happens when, learning the methods, the seasons and how the locals do it.


...It should be a lot of fun.



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