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Affordable downshifting

Living in Bulgaria

There are many advantages when choosing to live in Palamartsa, principally in that it offers a high degree of privacy and independence. Bulgarian rural dwellers traditionally grow their own fruits and vegetables and Palamartsa is renowned for its growing conditions.

Most properties have at least 1,000m2 of fertile land included

Building regulations are sensible, uncomplicated and fair

Labour costs for skilled renovations are extremely competitive

Local building materials are readily available and affordable

Houses for sale in Palamartsa

Beautiful Houses in Palamartsa

Houses for sale in Palamartsa

With its great natural beauty, superb growing conditions and soil, excellent paved road affording good access to Popovo, and being away from ugly modern expansion projects, Palamartsa has become a very desirable place to live and commands prices somewhat higher than the national average.



Buying Property in Bulgaria


The process of buying property in Bulgaria is very straightforward. Foreign individuals cannot own land in Bulgaria, however, foreign businesses may own property and lands, and these businesses have no legal requirement to operate an income-generating business.


It is a very simple, quick and inexpensive process to register your own company and Bountiful Paradise are happy to assist with this process and to guide buyers each step of the way towards ownership.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about the buying process or to request assistance to arrange your viewing trip.



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Meeting Point (PAL54) - GBP 17,500

Meeting Point House

Bungalow House (PAL61) - GBP 4,000

Bungalow House

New Listings

Domestic staffing costs are very reasonable