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Bountiful Paradise
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Team Palamartsa


Mark and Cara Barrett-Lomax are to be credited with ‘discovering’ the rare idyll that is Palamartsa, in the sense that this young couple were the first British people ever to live in the village and are the family who have been most instrumental in facilitating more westerners in coming to join the village.


Excellent local and national networks


As such, they are very well known locally and nationally and regularly feature in a televised reality TV documentary that charts the new life they’re making in sunny Bulgaria.


Their pioneering and adventurous spirit ensures that requests for help and creativity in brainstorming new development and settlement projects will always be met with a positive approach and ‘can-do’ attitude.


Mark and Cara are currently building a totally self-sustainable farm and over the next three years visitors and new residents may be interested to see it as it develops. Readers are welcome to visit any time, and are encouraged to come with some fresh ideas, or to gain new ones for themselves.


The couple are very approachable and willing to help all who have a genuine interest in Palamartsa / the Rhodopes and their environs.


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