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Conservation Projects in Palamartsa


You can play a meaningful role in helping to preserve a threatened waterway which at present is the only source of water for a beautiful lake.  Helping with this project will help educate local people about rubbish and also bring new wildlife to the rivers and streams of this beautiful rural Bulgarian village.


Waste management a novelty in rural Bulgaria


Its funny to think that Bulgarian villages only started getting refuse bins about two years ago, some only within the last few months. The only problem is, nobody taught the people how to use them…  Sounds silly to you but imagine a life without a bin and then suddenly a great big gray lump of metal landing on your doorstep with no explanation.  You would probably also carry on dumping your trash in the river, wouldn’t you?


Village clean up volunteer project


We are looking for people that want to make a difference and be remembered for doing so. We will all be camping out in a beautiful pine forest alongside a scout camp which has full facilities.  We will eat and drink together by camp fire every night and spend the days walking the rivers and streams and looking for a way to re-use what we collect or take it to a suitable location.  We will also spend one night at the lake where we will be cooked and catered for by a traditional Bulgarian chef.



Do you have a few days to spare to help? If so, do get in touch ASAP so we will do our best to  arrange a space for you.


The area is beautiful, very traditional and not only will you be helping the poor local villagers, they will help you enjoy a memorable experience of authentic Bulgaria.


Also, if you have any experience about waterways or an interest in this area you may like to add a discussion on the subject.


Workshops coming soon (please email us for details):




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