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Bountiful Paradise
Affordable Bulgarian Properties

Volunteering in Bulgaria


Have you ever fancied doing something different and learning a valuable new skill set at the same time? Or have you volunteered before and are looking for a new place to stay and help out?  


Well here in sunny Palamartsa we have facilitated a great number of volunteers to do things that they had only ever seen on television or read about in books. Have you ever milked a goat? Or made cheese? Have you ever grown vegetables? Or eaten them so fresh your hands still have the soil on them? Do you yearn for the chance to learn about building and refurbishment? Do you have a great passion for animals and their well being? Or perhaps you simply want to come and hang out and help in an way possible.


Within the next few months we aim to detail on this website an exciting array of volunteer activities. Please visit this site regular as this facility develops.


Future projects



For further information on each of these projects, or to book a place, please email us.



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